Our love of the wood begins in the forest. The Forest Resource on which Rossi Group’s production is based is one of the finest and most sustainable in the world. Regeneration is managed by the natural distribution of seed and by an over-arching commitment to selective harvesting. We nurture more than we harvest, assuring that our precious forests will continue to grow and thrive for generations to come.

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Lyme / Rossi


In 2019, Rossi Group partnered with The Lyme Timber Company LP to accelerate, even more, our mutual commitment to sustainable timber harvesting. Lyme focuses on the acquisition and sustainable management of lands with unique conservation values. To date, Lyme has permanently conserved approximately 820,000 acres of its historical forestland and rural real estate portfolio. This includes 63,000 acres in northwest Pennsylvania, a primary source for some of the highest quality black cherry, sugar maple, red maple, ash and northern red oak. It is a key hardwood resource for Rossi Group.


Further, as we grow and selectively harvest trees for our mills, we also work to protect the forest’s integrity — conserving endangered species, wildlife habitats, and the quality of soil, air and water. That too will pay environmental and leisure dividends for generations to come.