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The Rossi Group of Connecticut has recently announced the launch of its new state of the art, high-tech sawmill, Emporium Hardwoods in Pennsylvania to serve domestic and export markets from the sustainable Allegheny Forest resources with the highest quality cherry, red and white oak as well as many other hardwood species.
Ted Rossi
Ted Rossi is one of the most well-known people in the American hardwood export industry, having taken his family business into the export trade nearly 40 years ago. He has been President of NHLA, Chairman of AHEC and was the founding President of the Hardwood Federation in the USA. The Rossi name and brand remains a reference in many export markets.
The Rossi Family Business
The Rossi family business was started by father Joe Rossi more than 90 years ago which explains the wealth of experience that underpins Rossi Group today. The business has always been rooted in quality which brings confidence to domestic and export customers all over the world.
The Forest Resource
On which Rossi Group’s production is based, is one of the finest and most sustainable in the eastern United States. Pennsylvania is the largest single state producer of American hardwood lumber in the USA and grows more each year than is harvested and lost to natural mortality – the true measure of sustainability. Regeneration is by selective harvesting and natural distribution of seed resulting in the most growth of the most suitable species according to the various locations and conditions.
Efficiency sets us apart
Production at the new Emporium mill will exceed 165 mbf per day – an increase of 50% on the former mill - based on log supplies from a radius of 100 miles. Two double cut slant head-rigs and two band re-saws will produce lumber to an edging and grading line, operated only by graduate NHLA graders. The sorting line has 37 automated bays to ensure a maximum range of sizes and grades before stacking and kiln drying. More than 60 cameras throughout the mill assist with monitoring production and security, as well as enabling buyers to be shown the operation from afar. Emporium is now one of the most efficient hardwood sawmills in the USA.

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