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For nearly a century the Rossi Group has been helping customers successfully navigate the complexities of the hardwoods industry in this country, and around the world.

In response to your needs, we are setting industry standards with our new state-of-the-art Emporium Mill and kiln facilities, our long-term supply agreements, and our very personal brand of customer service.  We are delivering a world class selection of hardwoods — including the gold standard in cherry — all sorted, milled  and dried to tolerances, consistencies, and yields that were not even possible five years ago. 


We produce some of the highest quality hardwoods in the country, including white oak, red oak, maple, ash and the finest cherry production in the world. 


Our customer service and tech support teams collaborate with customers in the US and around the world. Rossi Group exports to over 40 countries, with offices in the US and China supporting a global network of sales agents.


Today the Rossi name is the reference point for hardwood industry leadership and influence in the United States, and around the globe.     

Emporium Mill

One of the most advanced sawmills in the world, sorting, milling and drying to tolerances, consistencies and yields that will impact your bottom line.


“Our job is to make your job easier…from selection, to pricing, to delivery…anywhere in the world”

TED ROSSI  |  PResident

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Our Story

Our roots are strong and deep. They go back to 1925 when Joe Rossi began producing lumber, railroad ties, and firewood for the central Connecticut marketplace.  Today, nearly a century later, we’ve become one of the leading global producers of Appalachian hardwoods, including what many consider the finest cherry production anywhere.   



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