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The Rossi Group, through its mills in Emporium, PA. and Scotland CT., produces some of the highest quality hardwoods in the country, including white oak, red oak, maple, ash and the finest cherry production in the world.

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Black Cherry

The color of our Appalachian black cherry is a rich, reddish brown. The rich, deep hues of this wood will darken over time with exposure to light and air. Its superb finishing qualities and incredible resistance to wear and tear make it ideal for furniture and other uses where durable beauty is cost of entry.  

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Oak is a very popular wood because it is hard wearing and heavy. It is also known for its beautiful open wood grain markings. It takes about 150 years before oak can be used for construction, but once mature, it will last forever. That’s why you see it on college campuses and in churches around the world. Oak can be purchased in white and red oak, with different hues of oaky color for each. 

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Maple is a lighter, hard, pale colored wood with a closed grain. It is used primarily in floors and kitchen cabinets. It is the ideal type of wood to withstand years of wear and tear. Red leaf and hard maple, with two slightly different hues, are our two main species. 

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Ash is light colored and smooth grained. It is exceptionally shock resistant, ideal for tool handles, bats, and high usage furniture.

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Today, Rossi Group has a worldwide network of customer service and technical support teams that is the envy of the hardwoods industry.

Backed by an extensive inventory of ready-to-ship hardwoods, our knowledgeable service team is constantly available to provide the information and guidance you need to expedite decision-making, and deliver the products you need, on-time, every time.

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Export Capabilities

The Rossi Group is one of the first American companies to export premium North American hardwoods to customers around the globe. Beginning in 1970, Rossi Group began shipping to Europe and the Far East. Today we serve customers in over 40 countries, with regional offices in the US and China supporting a global network of sales agents.


No matter what continents or oceans we cross to serve our customers, consistent product quality, along with an intimate knowledge of individual client needs and market requirements has, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do.